The great british bakeoff : botanical week


It was botanical week at the great british  bakeoff and I had no clue how it is gonna be but was watching the episode from start to end without turning my eyes off the phone. They started off with a lemon meringue pie which had a pie base filled with lemon curd filling and a top with meringue.

The tricky part according to me is getting the meringue whipped to perfection.  The outer layers of the meringue needs to stand stiff and in shape while having a crispy golden brown color once baked. The inside can be soft and spongy while the lemon curd should hold itself in place when cut. The tart which is one of the outer layers need to hold it’s shape crisp and have a golden yellow color all around. The perfection of the outer layers depends on how well you did in the mixtures and how well you handle it.

I followed Mary Berry’s recipe from the link below and my pie was done for perfection. This is episode 6 and my 6th recipe cooked with the great british bakeoff.

The lemon meringue pie is all about the outer layers which has a inner layer made well.

Recipe link attached below for those who like to try.

Outer Layers


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