Kids meal

I grew up seeing my mum pack lunchbox for my younger brother who was 8 years younger to me. Often my mum served him grated carrot with cheese and it was beautifully sandwiched in two slices of bread.

He was a very picky eater and hardly ate much and would come home with his lunchbox with a few slices of bread bitten at the end of each. We usually raided his unfinished lunch and had it after school.

One day as usual I raided my little brothers lunchbox for his unfinished sandwiches and happily started bitting in when suddenly I asked him why he didn’t eat and he replied “amn” bit it. I was startled and froze for a minute.  Yes, I would eat what my brother took a bite from but this was a bit peculiar and I was not gonna eat it anymore.  Well my brother was at nursery at that time and eversince I’ve stopped raiding for any unfinished sandwiches from my brothers lunchbox.  I know I was outrageously angry (in a childly manner) with him then but now I remember it as a joke.

So recently my son started nursery and he enjoys cheese bread which made me pack it daily. Having been inspired by the very cute lunchbox ideas online I did what I could do best and prepared a few snacks but unfortunately once the teacher who met me at a supermarket mentioned your son doesn’t eat what you pack but we force and make him eat. He only loves the croissant so please do something.  She was in distress I felt, well we all know having our own kids eat is by itself stressful and I can put myself in the teachers shoes as she is going through a tough time to feed all the kids and make sure they dont go home with unfinished lunch in there box but I dont wanna feed my kid croissants daily but I want him to eat and not come home with unfinished lunchboxes and No I don’t eat his unfinished lunch from school either like I did for my brothers sandwich (smiles).

So I made sandwiches and meals easy to make and education as well as something the my son would eat.

Yes I cut the sandwich into shapes. This way he learns the shapes and eats the food. Now all mama’s do start trying it as soon as your kids start saying a word and you will be happy to see your kid can say the name of the shapes and patterns even before he can speak fluently.  It is kind of a sensory activity. I would say all nurseries should have a rule where the parents pack the kids lunchbox with the same meal and in same shape so all kids eat the same and make it easy for the teacher to feed her students. No am not a teacher but a mother of a picky eater.

Yes same food day or sandwich day should be initiated in all nurseries where the kids get to eat the same type of food, should be a sandwich with any filling the child likes but in one shape. The kids learn a new shape and they all eat the same food happily ever after for just 1 day in a week.

You don’t need a cookie cutter to make a basic shape anything can be done with a little bit of research and some thinking.

From numbers to letters can be cut out in a oil paper and cut with a small knife with a bit of patients and effort it sure will be a success. Circles, star, square and hexagon is very easy to make using a scissor.  I do it manually when am pressed for time check my instagram for more details.

No more unfinished lunches with a shaped sandwich day.

I call everyone in this world reading my post to initiate it and share a picture with me. I will be doing  a video and posting on my blog with the best.



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