The sugar factory

New yorks famous restaurant sugar factory was the talk of the month in August.  It was all about celebrities and candy when I searched on Google but as I landed there the warmth was so encouraging. We were walked through the restaurants originality and the menu was introduced. I hardly could choose one as the menu looked very delicious. It was a menu dilemma when I was asked what I preferred to drink. The goblets were all looking huge and colorful while the cocktails looked small and elegant. I can call it a drinks dilemma as I wanted to try them all but sadly had to choose one as it would have been unfair to choose more. Well my brain froze with memories of the dinner at the sugar factory located at the dubai festival city mall.

The goblet was huge and very flavoursome with lolipops. I just kept watching for it to melt as we dined.

My friend did order a small cocktail with bubblegum flavour. The goblets are the star at the sugar factory which anyone who love dinning differentlyshould try but watch for the goblets dilemm which can het into you amd tearoff your credit cards. Each goblet costs 89 dirhams which is worth the experience as not all can travel to new York and try it.




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