The Birds Quest


Somedays I go stand out of the apartment very early and find a bit of time to explore.  On such an occasion I had the chance to experience a birds quest. We are all busy living in this world not knowing what we own and are keeping on searching for more. A bird or any animal has it’sown quest of searching for food and bukding it’s own nest.  I was really enjoying how the bird picked up a stick and then felt it wasn’t very strong nor not very stable it put the stick away and picked up another while it flew itself back from the roundabout to the building where I believe it’s building its own nest. Probably it’s a male and planning to bringthe wife? Or it’s a female thats planning to move its baby but the birds quest is in search of sticks to build it’s own nest.

Let’s appreciate what we have and live the moment.

Share and care for this in need.



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