Best Burger Hunt


Burger yes it’s fast food but I like to play it safe by having the best. Well, budget is at times the worst critic that stays across the normal and the best burger. It is then that I just grab a burger and have it instead of seeing if its the best or better than the rest. Well if it had been last year, I would have told “whats the difference in each burger, maybe a small topping or sauce”. But now I should say there is a big difference in each burger. Not all burgers are same.

What is a burger?

Seriously it’s a question.

I google it and found a lot of delicious mouthwatering burgers.

Oh yes. Burger is the minced meat patty which is stuffed in the buns.

Burgers are actually beauties that are stuffed with a slice of tomato, a piece of lettuce and chunk of meat in any form between a golden yellow bun.

They are drizzled with mustard or sometimes a ketchup or even mayonnaise.

They usually have a slice of cheese but not if you don’t choose.

We can make it at home but won’t be the same.

I have seen Jamie Oliver make burger meat and it is so simple and easy but believe me, not all the fast food chains serve the same way. They usually have the burger which even we can buy from the shop and fix it ourselves.

What makes those new ventures stand out from the crowd is all this post is about.

I don’t want to name the ones I’ve not tried but the only ones I’ve paid for and always keep going back is burger king, Mc Donalds, and hardees. Oh, I’ve tried KFC they do have a piece of broasted chicken stuffed kinda burger with a piece of lettuce and mayonnaise.  Back home I used to buy the vegetable burger and my dad used to make fun of me. Somehow I didn’t fancy the KFC chicken in my burger but I do love it with a bit of mash.

When I say burger king it’s got the largest burger so far amongst the 4 or so franchises from America. Yes. The steakhouse is my favourite, its got a slice of ham and spicy and tangy sauce with a very delicious bun top. The portion is good for one. Although all of them serve french fries its best to eat it as soon as they are served or you will have some soggy fries to deal with, we usually have it on the way home.

I’ve tried wendy too and like there Square shaped burgers.

All of the above franchises almost serve the similar burgers with the same burger filling some add a piece of pickle while some add a different type of ketchup. They are all affordable too. Sometimes the size is the difference.

When talking about a different burger the line is a bit small but very beautiful.

I tried shake shack which has the most beautiful burger from the 8 places I’ve tried and there burger meat was made on site fresh while I watched. It looked like watching Jamie Oliver make the burger meat. Shake shack burger is bit small in size but has a beautiful frill of salad leaves am not sure if its called lettuce and a nice collar of tomato. I really loved the shape of their fries too.

Retro feasts is another new burger place which has opened at the beach in jbr. It’s got a very British theme and they too serve their burgers with fresh made burger meat their burgers are very large with large pieces of cucumber, lettuce, and tomato. I felt really full.

Burger fuel has the beauty in serving their burgers. Once I did take away a burger at their outlet in Dubai mall food court and while waiting for my order found they had a cute menu. The fried portion was small and cute. The burger was also something similar to the above 2 joints made fresh not one of those pulled out from the freezer.

Elevation burger has a few many outlets but their burger is medium size with a good filling of a fresh meat burger. I felt they needed a bit more seasoning but the rest seemed ok. Or I guess I need to add some ketchup and have it.

Recently I went for a media preview of the newly opened New York famous sugar factory at the Dubai festival city mall. They had a very surprising concept I guess. Well when they name it sugar factory I expect a candy in all the dishes and you know we can squeeze in a pepermint candy in a burger and I was very inquisitive to find out.  To my surprise they had no candy in any of the dishes except there goblets and cocktails. It was a very unforgettable experience for me and I enjoyed every dish. They had a mini burger as  a starter and the normal burger with fries meal. The burger with fries looked like a decent size portion but I didn’t taste it due to unavailability of space in my belly. But I sure did try there mini burger which was a starter. It was cute and delicious.  I felt like having  a homemade burger.

Overall I loke to rank the burgers in 2 categories.

New ventures

1. Retro feasts

2. Shake shack

3. Sugar factory

4. Burger fuel

5. Elevation burger


1. Burger king

2. Hardees

3. Mc donalds

4. Wendys

5. KFC

The Quest continues for the best burgers . I only wish I can try them all in one sitting so the judging would be better.




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