Cook the Book : Plated Heirlooms

Ever since the book was announced to be released I was really excited. Learning and cooking from different cuisines is my favourite way to spend time in the kitchen but most of the recipes I cook are from random books and online sites. I loved cooking from a chefs book and dima sherif is my online friend or I may call it “netpal” earlier we had “penpal” where we write to friends and get to know but now everything is online. She is who gave me the opportunity to attend the Italian cuisine world summit in Dubai in 2014 and I was really proud to be a part of it. So learning that dima is releasing her first book I kept on following her stories and reading all about her book. I was even looking to buy a book when an opportunity came to win it.  I honestly prayed to win it  (smiles) and finally I won the book. The cover was really stylish and the name “plated Heirlooms” was really a very stylish name for a cookbook. It’s not just a cookbook where a few recipes are put together, it’s a cook and storybook. Each chapter had a story and history about that particular chapter which took me on a journey through the Palestinian cuisine. The olive trees, the utensils, the fresh bread, the preserve and the jams each recipe had its tiny story which was really put together in a way that we can remember and understand while feeling the art of the techniques used in the process of creating the recipes. I cooked up a recipe from each chapter, for instance, I made homemade yogurt from scratch which was really delicious and fun. I made the freekah soup during Ramadan and the sesame bread on another occasion. Dessert was rose and cardamon rice pudding which I made twice of which the second time using a few colors to give it a bit of a twist.

I once made the roasted cauliflower dish and it became my favourite while all the recipes have attracted me but I need the time to cook all the recipes from plated heirlooms. The book which consists of 240 odd pages is really a beauty that I adore on my cookbook shelf.

To see the images of the dishes I cooked from the book do check my video., Link below or check the images on Instagram  #platedheirlooms.

I was NOT asked to cook and review I write this post on my own wish and really enjoyed cooking from this book.


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