I was bought up in a family that has tea twice a day. It’s a must to drink tea everyday no matter if we had breakfast or not we woke up and had tea first thing in the morning.  Most of the time it was my dad who made tea and later on my younger sister is who made tea at home. I made in the evenings only and the best tea was my dads, well ofcourse I love my sisters tea but my dad made it strong and tasty. He enjoyed tea and had a liking for sri lankan tea which he packed while going to india on our stay.  I have tried teas from many parts of india.

During the days we visit trichy (also known as tiruchirapalli) which is a very nice city just a few hours away from chennai, we stayed at Arun Hotel. The hotel was really homely and had a restaurant with room service. My mum is an ardent shopper who loves strolling over the malls and spending on things that are very unique in the other hand my dad loved to eat and drink whereever we went. No matter if the food was a small stall in the road or a vendor who sold on the train or even a good star hotel he loved to eat (now you know whom I am after) even we enjoyed calling the room service and ordering food and drinks and this hotel has the best cardamon tea. The tea was not very strong but it sure was the perfect blend of cardamon and tea. That was my favourite tea in India.

most of the tea is made of fresh milk not powdered milk or thats what I’ve seen and tasted in India. Madras has a different strong tea and so does bangalore has some good strong teas. It all depends on which place you have tea, usually the vendors in train stations and train do not serve the proper strong and creamy tea, it’s mostly like a tea flavoured hot water (no offence but it’s also good in a way when you have to travel 10 hours from trichy to bangalore and can hardly find a cup of tea) I have lived in india for 2 years and have tried a lot of shops for tea and we seldom had coffee. In India whenever I  say tea or chai I got the milk tea.

In sri lanka my own country which has a variety of tea and you’ve gotta try a few to find the best that suits your taste bud. If we go out we have tea and we call it (kiri tea) milk tea or tin kiri tea which is a special tea. My dad loved the tin kiri tea which means condensed milk tea. You need a lot of practice to get it just right. We call the tea which is just tea bags in water as plain tea. Most people enjoy drinking it with a piece of jaggery which my mum calls traditional.

My grandma used to make tea with milk packets while we at home used milk powder. Either way it all comes down to the tea powder used whether it is strong and tasty or not.

Back in dubai as an expat I’ve roamed around and taken a few cups of tea to see which is the best but I have not yet finished my search yet I would like to say buying tea in dubai is not easy now read it like its a joke because I had to learn how to choose my tea. Coming from an asian society where we call tea with milk as tea and tea without milk as plain tea it took me a while to figure the western way of how to order tea or I can put in as what is tea exactly called in other parts of the world. I’ve stopped at a small grocery with a wending machine to get a cup of tea and it was milk tea. I’ve had the same milk tea at a few places and once we went to a cafe at the Mall of Emirates with a friend and it was tea time. We sat down for tea. I strolled through the menu and found English tea with milk and ordered it  I was served a large teacup of plain tea with a little milk. I sure would have spilt the tea if i poured any milk over and I dono why they served it so I had to drink the plain tea with extra sugar as I always preferred. So then again I went out to Oasis centre mall and walked over to a cafe to get a cup of tea. They did have Starbucks and cinnabon but I felt like having tea so here I walk over to the cafe and ask for tea and I mentioned twice, I need tea with milk. The person over the counter repeats and gets me the bill while asking me to have a seat. A few minutes later I was given a large cup of tea. I open eagerly to find 2 bags of greentea inside. I was so disappointed. Early morning with green tea is a “No no” I like to have green tea after meals but not on an empty stomach but unfortunately I had to drink the 300 ml or so hot Green tea and be happy that am drinking something healthy.

I even went to a coffee shop that served tea at MOE and ordered for milk tea after these disappointing situations and they did give me a mug filled 3/4 of it with hot water and 1 tea bag and a small jar of milk. Seriously is all I could think. We make milk tea with 2 or 3 bags of tea and prefer it strong whether it’s sweet or not.

The cafe I had the tea with 1 bag and large mug of water serves the best coffee in seattle but trust me I don’t like tea very light.

I have had a few karak chai at a few kiosks during the global village season and they did something similar to the tea we make at home.

There is a shop a few blocks away from our building which is called just tea. I walked into this shop and got myself a cup of tea. It was really hot and strong but as it was the last few days of winter I managed to finish my tea while walking back home and enjoying the moonlight.

Ever since my experience in getting a green tea early in the morning  I have decided never ask a coffee shop for Tea. I make tea better at home and it doesn’t let me down.

You need to watch where you ask for tea 😊


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