In my kitchen

The flour was weighed

and the pastry was made

As it rested for 30 minutes

And grabbed a coffee to  relax

The silence in the kitchen

Was broken by the oven

Which was preheating

So the pies can get baking

The knife hit the board as I cut through the lime

It was huge and made my lemon curd sublime

The pies was baked

And cooling on plate

As the silence returned

Which then broke with dishes

That were washing in the sink

While the pies cooled

In grabbed a folk and dived in to taste

The moment it went in my mouth

I was awestruck by it texture

Can I call it delicious

Or something like devine

Totally a lime pie20160905_184220-480x640

Image above is not a lime pie but a lemom cake. I have never made a lime pie but the poem is totally written by imagination.




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