picsart_09-18-11-29-59I really love baking and designing cookies. Blogging is more like my career or a dream job while baking was/is my passion. I do bake if I like a design amd want to recreate it. I also bake if I feel like eating or trying a new recipe. But cookies are something I am very passionate about and enjiy designing. I got a load of cookie cutters which I used most to make cookies but for a while I’ve given up cookie baking. While a random cleaning session in my pantry I was wondering if to giveaway the cookie cutters as lack of space and I did give some but recently I got a new idea. There isnt any rule that cookie cutters can be used only for cookies, we can use them in any other way.

This is when my eldest started nursery and I decided to use the cookie cutters to make sandwiches.

Yes my kids are Car fans.

I made sandwiches like a car

And i also made a star

I designed in a variety

That looked like a statue  liberty

Sanwiches in various shapes

That also taught my kids the name

Of each and every shape

That was all gone in a slope

Being passionate is all you need

to make something that is neat

so the kids and the mum can enjoy

while they eat and be joy

Ideal for parties

To serve with your teas

Just fill them with cheese

Or any kind of veggies


Things you need

1. Cookie cutters

2. Slices of bread

3. Cheese or jam

Use your imagination and fill with anything from potatoes to fish or even vegetable mashes

Watch the video below to see more designs



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