My space

Here and Now

I have been blogging ever since 2012 September and am on my 4th year.  Wordpress gas been the best place. It’smy own space with my own words, my own rules on what to write and gow to write the only thing I didn’t own was the .com. yes having a dot com after your blog name is the biggest achievement in your life I believe. It has been  tough decision to purchase my own domain name with a load of mix feelings and a very tight budget. Finally here I am with my very own domain name purchased on my 2nd sons birthday and 4 years of blogging.  Now I have w blogs in the same name but I am working on it to highlight all the contents on this new blog. Until then I will be here and from now on try to subscribe to this new blog of mine.

Old blog name details below

New blog details

A moment of pride in the world of blogging.

Keep watching this space and do subscribe  to here.




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