Breakfast can


It was a weekend

I grabbed some bread

I was Wondering how to serve

And then popped an idea

To grab a can of beans

And a few sausages

Which I hardly eat

Sausages ones in a while is fine

But I don’t like to eat them

Unless an instance as this

I Grilled the bread and warmed the beans

Sauted the sausages and grilled a tomatoe

Making an egg was an art

Ever since I learnt about the bullseye

Get the target right in the centre

And the beauty of an egg just the sunnyside up

I like the egg yolk runny and shinny

I washed my can and assembled

The bread made into soldiers

Lined up around the can

Guarding the beans in the centre

While the sausages acting as poles

On top lay the egg looking like an umbrella

The tomatoes served as cocktails to the busy soldiers

I only wish I could make it all rhyme

So they sound like a poem

Rather than a prose

Which actually it is

Have a great breakfast

Or even a brunch very fast


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