Nepalese food

I have tried something called “kollu-kata” a steamed dumpling kinda thing stuffed with sweet coconut filling. It’s soft and delicious.  When I heard of momos I was so inquisitive to try it. Once tasting it am a bit in love with momos like the sushi. Dumplings, momos amd sushi are so Alien to my tastebuds and only after becoming a food writer/blogger I started tasting … Continue reading Nepalese food


Who doesn’t like kisses, I mean meringues. During my childhood we used to buy meringues from the shop. They were cute, crispy and delicious. We enjoyed eating them without worrying about the ingredients. Now that we are bakers and educated of the recipes we are very concerned about eating store bought food. Main issue is if the ingredients are halal. After researching a few recipes … Continue reading Meringues